Privacy Policy

Our privacy and data collection policy

Before we get into details we'd like to let you know that your privacy on our website is very important to us. This means that we will not collect any personal information which can be used to track you down. αCharts itself places just one tracking cookies on your computer to facilitate a login function. Externally, we use the Google Analytics software to analyse the use of our website by our visitors. This software collects data like: refering url, pages visited, used software to view the website, etc. and displays it as cumulative data. Additionally, we use Google Adsense to serve advertisements, which has its own privacy statement.

External cookies

As stated before your privacy is our highest priority. On the matter of external parties we tried to limit it as much as possible. We currently only use Google for site analytics and as advertising partner. Besides Google we may occasionally use ValueClick as an alternative advertising partner. If you wish to disable advertisement, please login and modify your user settings.

Internal data collection

We can be rather short about our internal data collection. We've chosen to use oAuth for our authentication handler. The advantage of this system is that you can login with your Google, Facebook or Microsoft account (provider). You will login on their respected websites so we don't have access to your login credentials. When signing on you will be asked to share some basic details with Each provider may supply different details, but regardless of what we can access, we will only retrieve your name and email adres. You can find more information on how to use oAuth on αCharts in the Help section.